nodo is a unit whose refined style combines both art and perspective while underlining contrast, light and shade.

Its use is versatile and its geometric precision makes it ideal for storing various sized books or documents. Two modules with drawers are available as accessories and are easily installed in the desired compartments.


  • nodo276(L) x 82(H) x 46(D) cm
  • module 125(L) x 16(H) x 44(D) cm
  • module 253(L) x 16(H) x 44(D) cm
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retta stems from the desire to create simple, minimalistic and functional items.
The final creations often bring us back to the original idea, to the first lines, to the first sketch.
The end-product gives no indication as to the assembly methods used and proudly shows off its pure shapes.

Jacques Sprunger, founder of retta based in Lausanne, finds inspiration in his rich experience acquired through his curiosity and his collaboration with numerous contemporary artists and architects.
His vast knowledge of materials and techniques allows him to be as instinctive and spontaneous as he wishes to be.

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Signal 12
CH – 1018 Lausanne


Please send us an e-mail indicating the name of the desired article and its different accessories.
Upon receipt of your order we will prepare a cost estimate on which the delivery date will be indicated.

• retta designs, produces and controls the quality of all its products.
• The delivery and assembly fees are included in the price.
• The items are produced upon request.